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Can Home Color Affect a Sale?

As ridiculous as it might sound, you may be surprised to know that color really can affect the sale of a home. In fact, a recent paint color analysis reported that rooms painted in shades of light blue or pale blue/gray can sell for as much as $5,440 more than expected.

Neutral colors win inside the home as well as outside. Homes with creamy yellow or wheat-colored kitchens, light green or khaki bedrooms, dove or light gray living rooms, and mauve or lavender dining rooms sell for $1,100 to $1,300 more than properties decorated with less popular colors.

Home buyers tend to gravitate toward homes that look inviting, calming, relaxing, and cozy. Neutral colors don't offend and are kinder to the senses. These colors are also light, bright, and welcoming, which will go a long way to help selling your home.

The most famous neutral colors for the exterior of your home are white, black, brown and gray. Contemporary style homes, ranch homes, and traditional looking homes pair well with a mix of gray and beige. But neutrals steal the show and can hike your home's perceived value by over $1,500. According to Benjamin Moore paint products, homeowners love "greige" colors, which are mixtures of light grays and beiges, for their versatility and timeless style. Homes with greige exteriors trend towards sales prices of $3,496 more than similar homes painted in medium browns or tan stuccos.

All in all, research indicates that color is significant, not only on the exterior of a home, but also on the interior room walls and the front door color. Believe it or not, houses with black or charcoal gray front doors have proven to sell for $6,271 more than expected, but a brick or barn red kitchen can reduce the selling price by over $2,000. So, can home color affect a sale? It seems so!

sources: forbes.com, morningmountainsdesign.com, marketwatch.com, benjaminmoore.com, bhg.com

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