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Beat the Heat!

Summer is rapidly approaching and we all well know just how hot and humid it gets here in Ohio! How about we kick off the season with a few tips on how to survive the summer heat?

Let’s start with our homes, especially those without air conditioning. During the day, keep blinds and curtains closed. 30% of unwanted heat comes from your windows. There are window films available that reflect the sun’s heat to help keep the house cooler. This results in up to a 7% savings on energy bills and can lower the indoor home temperature by up to 20%. If you have ceiling fans installed, set them to turn counterclockwise. Placing ice packs or a pan of ice in front of an oscillating or box fan will circulate cool air through a room.

At night, please your fan blowing outward through an open window to draw warm air out, leaving the room cooler. If you really want to put a chill on your bedtime, place bedsheets inside a plastic bag inside the freezer for an hour or so before lights out! Frozen water bottles at the foot of the bed will also help reduce the heat.

OTHER TIPS: Bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans can help in a pinch to pull out warm, humid air. Close up unused rooms in the house to reserve precious cool air for the rooms that you do utilize. Opt to dress in light-colored clothing rather than dark, which will absorb heat. When outdoors, keep plenty of liquids on hand and rub ice on wrists or cool towels on the neck to help keep your body temperature in check. For more helpful hints on beating the heat, check out www.lifehacker.com and www.realsimple.com.

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