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1,495,790 burglaries that occur during each day. While people are at work or out running errands, break-ins are 6% likely to occur between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm. The cover of darkness bring security for intruders with an added risk of residents being in the homes during nighttime hours, still resulting in 1,324,090 burglaries that happen overnight.

We would probably like to think that more burglaries occur at not, but that is simply not true, with 65% of burglaries occurring during daylight hours. In fact, the most common hours for burglars to strike are between 10 am and 3 pm.

The four most common points of entry for burglars are:

  • 9% access homes through the garage.

  • 22% use the back door.

  • 23% gain access to the home through a first floor window.

  • 34% enter through the front door.

Ways that homeowners can help prevent burglaries include:

  • Install an alarm system.

  • Invest in quality deadbolts and deadbolt each exterior door.

  • Purchase and install curtains or blinds - cordless safety blinds are a great investment to keep pets and small children safe as well.

  • Secure sliding doors with a piece of wood or curtain rod in the track frame.

Another great safety measure is to abstain from announcing on social media that you are vacationing or otherwise away from home. Wait to post travel photos until after you safely return home because, believe it or not, criminals watch for such information. 78% of burglars observe social media and track activity. If and when you do decide to go on vacation, be sure to have a friend or trusted neighbor check in on your property, stop all deliveries, and have your house lights operating on a timer.

Sources: www.goodhousekeeping.com, www.alarms.org

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