Make A Cozy Apartment Feel More Open

Let’s talk about visual tricks and decorating tips to make your cozy living space feel bigger and more open, all while staying in budget. MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL Have you ever walked past a mirror to see your own reflection and take notice of how it gives the impression of twice the area in the room? Hanging a wall mirror in a location full of natural light can visually expand your space as it doubles as a piece of wall art. Large mirrors in common areas can change the amount of perceived living space instantly. SMALL FURNITURE If you think a small apartment requires tiny furniture, perhaps we should evaluate how the space is decorated. To increase the appearance of a room’s size, include

What Could Go Wrong in a Real Estate Sale?

Things in life can, and will, go wrong sometimes. That includes selling real estate, so let's discuss what can potentially happen and how you can navigate through any unforeseen issues. 1. House on market too long The longer a house sits on the market with no interested buyers, the more money is costs the seller. The seller is typically still paying a mortgage. The seller may be expected to reduce their asking price. The seller may lose or spend more money in the long run. 2. Deals fall through A house may be listed at the right price with a buyer lined up, and then the entire deal falls apart. The reasons for this happening are extensive. Perhaps a buyer passes away, loses a job, or experie

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