What Are Bed Bugs?

Bedbugs lurk in cracks and crevices, surviving on human blood. While bedbugs typically prefer to take up in clothing, bedding, couches and other upholstered items, they are not known to carry or transmit disease. They can, however, cause allergic reactions and rashes, often leaving itchy and unsightly bites. Once bedbugs take up residence in a home or place of business, they are nearly impossible to exterminate without professional assistance. A resurgence of bedbug infestations nationwide has led to increased attention being focused on this pest from state legislatures. 22 states, including Ohio, and one territory now have laws addressing bedbugs in locations including hotels, institutional

National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month. This year, FEMA is asking you to take action now. Make a plan with your community, your family, and for your pets. Plan how to be safe and communicate during the disasters that can affect your community. FEMA and the Ready Campaign are asking everyone to participate in America’s PrepareAthon! and the national day of action, which culminates National Preparedness Month on September 30th. For more information and safety tips, the EB Real Estate Team encourages you to visit ReadyOhio!

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